Maarten Vanhoucke

Graphic Storytelling

The Illustrator

I  enjoy the wild adventurous act of drawing with a purpose. I love storytelling, and I love looking at the world in different ways, and making an audience tune in to your story.

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The Animator

I can draw storyboards, write scripts and briefings. Recording and editing video is part of my skill-set.
I can do a bit of motion design, I know how to animate, I can handle cameras and sound equipment.

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The Builder

Visualisations and full-on construction for retail stores, trade fair stands, costume- and stage designs.

The Graphic Designer

I am able to create and develop your brand identity, as well as follow an existing brand guide. I consider myself a fast and reliable designer. I love and respect deadlines, and I am actively looking for new challenges to overcome.

The Teacher

I love to pass on my skills and my enthusiasm for applied visual arts to students of any age or background. I love the challenge of finding creativity of any kind where there was thought to be none.

I have a number of standard workshops such as Animation, Sketchbooks, Drawing Comics and can also offer custom workshops in stage & prop design. Please contact me in order to discuss further possibilities.

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Let's get in touch

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Everything is possible :)